Monday, February 9, 2009

a whole lot o' poopin' goin' on

Got up in time to watch the full moon set this morning...a great way to start the day. After last evening's wind storm it was dead calm all night long. Morning chores were really glamorous here at the Field Lab. Collected 2 wheel barrow loads of longhorn dung from around the yard. The big cows leave nice concise piles that are easy to scoop up in one go, but the calves like to drop lots of little pellets all over the place - they look like large junior mints. Worked on another compost bin for longhorn dung only - I don't want to mix the DNA from my humanure compost (just in case a home cloning kit comes out on the market anytime soon). Cleared a spot for my next delivery due tomorrow from McCoys. Called the shipping container guys in Ft. Stockton and it looks promising. Will head up there Thurs or Fri to hopefully pick one out. Ended the day with a nice hot shower. In my never ending quest to provide insite into life at the Field Lab - here is another nice blast of color from tonight's sunset.

Tuesday morning Update: LOCAL RADIO INTERVIEWS
The weekday talk show on KRTS 93.5 FM is "TALK AT TEN,” live at 10 AM and replayed at 6:30 PM.UPCOMING GUESTS: Wednesday, February 11: John Wells, Field Lab, Terlingua, on sustainable living. Hear it online at


Anonymous said...

I love following your blog. It has taken me out of the insane urban environment I live in on several occasions, and for that, I thank you.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Oh gosh did you have to compare the poop to Junior Mints? I love them. But now I will have to look at them in another light. (Maybe the dark) Ha

The Buzzardcheater said...

Amazing sunset video. Thanks for the daily connection to the Big Bend.. I miss being there.

MsBelinda said...

Thought about your wind turbines yesterday as we were hammered with heavy wind gusts in Del Rio and figured it was worst in your neck of the woods.

Wouldn't longhorn dung be good around plants or for your future tomato crop?

Anonymous said...

So.......package the dehydrated composted dung in 5lb bags for around $13 with a nice field lab logo. You'd sell a shit-load (no pun intended). So how do you account for the difference in the it age or sex. There's probably something worth studying there as well.

Anonymous said...

ah, the glamorous in's and out's of compost work!

why is poop always compared to candy? junior mints, toostsie rolls, snicker's bars...ewwww! :O)