Monday, February 2, 2009

Sky's the limit

Didn't have a Field Lab kind of day today...but rather. a far from the rat race / southwest Texas kind of day. Was planning on setting my second entrance tower in concrete this morning but opted out to wait one more day - for slightly higher overnight temperatures. That left me with one of those special "sky's the limit" days. Chose to explore in the go kart. Drove over to my closest neighbor Capt. Kirk - he was more than willing to go for a ride. Capt. K has trekked all over this area and is usually more than willing to give a tour...especially his short cuts. I followed him out eating his dust the whole way - showing me 2 of his paths across Terlingua creek out to Agua Fria Rd. Highlight was a trip to an old abandoned underground dwelling in the middle of absolutely nowhere and the top of a small mesa with extraordinary views. My off road vehicle performed quite well. He finished off the tour with a trip out to Agua Fria mine. We met up with my longhorn owner buddy, Dick Cain on the way out. I told him about my new friends Beatrice and Guillermo....Dick gets such a kick out the fact that I name some of his longhorns. He said Benita is doing well and I asked him to send her my love. May try to go out to see her tomorrow .....after some Field Lab work.


MsBelinda said...

Going for a go kart ride sounds like such a blast, especially with all the lovely scenery that you have the privilege to live by.

Glad to hear that Benita is doing well. Tell Dick his longhorn has an internet mom just asked me about her yesterday, told her you had not mentioned her lately.

Anonymous said...

Whew! Glad to know that Benita is alive and well. Hadn't heard about her for awhile and was afraid the worst had happened. Funny how I can get attached to a longhorn I never really met ...

Thanks for the update!