Sunday, February 15, 2009


Oops....didn't expect my little science experiment from yesterday to cause such a fuss. That being said - otherwise, today was a typical Field Lab Sunday. Laundry. Solar baked cornbread. Human visitors at the Field Lab. Longhorn visitors at the Field Lab (had to chase this group away twice). And one last visit to Ben's House'O'Matic before he heads home - to record the final photo of his effort over the last five days. Now just waiting for good ol' Monday morning to roll around and the opportunities it will provide.


Unknown said...

I saw that story and figured you had something to do with it :-)

That guy is not messing around building that stilt house! Wow! That's going up fast!

Anonymous said...

I love the turned spindle supports,

MsBelinda said...

Who were the human visitors to the Field Lab? Would love to see you feature the people that visit you.

Where is Ben from? When will he be back to finish up his house?

Unknown said...

Ben definately needs a fireman's pole leading to a dune guggy parked underneath. Kinda like a poor man's bat cave!