Thursday, February 26, 2009

the meth lab

Saving up my energy for tomorrows container delivery. Prepped and baked another loaf of bread in the solar oven this morning. Was entertaining 22 longhorns at the end of my driveway and Beatrice at the house when some neighbors stopped by on their way out sightseeing SW of me. Gave the obligatory tour then they were off to the outback. The bread came out of the oven and some chicken went in. Had a low of 41 this morning and only hit 98 today - probably would have topped the 100 mark again but we had gusty winds all afternoon.

Cleared the area for tomorrows "drop" and made a new driveway to accommodate the trucker. He has to pull up right between my house and the fire pit to unload the next container. Once that is done, the only way out is through the new path I cut today. Chopped out most of the brush but transplanted three ephedra plants for Betty. This stuff is growing all over the south west desert and I seem to have a lot of it on my property. Betty gave me a great book on medicinal herbs and wild foods. Seems the ephedra plant when used wisely is good for a number of things such as fever and coughing, decreases tobacco cravings, aids in weight loss, and helps promote menstruation. And guess what? It just so happens to be the principal ingredient in methamphetamine. Leave it to the white man to figure out an addictive abuse of a wondrous medicinal herb discovered by Indians long ago.


Anonymous said...

The temp changes between ELP and there are remarkable. OTOH, there was a shocking wind in ELP, blowing up all the dust from the construction on Ft Bliss.

The Buzzardcheater said...

Ephedra is also called Mormon tea, as the Mormons shun caffeine, but can get moving in the morning by steeping this stuff in hot water. It works, btw, and doesn't taste too bad.

MsBelinda said...

Has Beatrice replaced Benita as your favorite longhorn?

Anonymous said...

cool weather should be returning this weekend. don't ya just love this "weather personality disorder?"

really cool book. i'm a biochemist and love that kinda stuff. you're right on the nose. most drugs have beneficial effects in moderate doses. LSD was a great psychological therapy drug till the hippies ruined it... :O)