Friday, February 6, 2009

Plant Rescue

After last night's dinner rush at the Longhorn Cafe, things calmed down but had guests lingering in the yard until long after sunset. Only had 5 here for breakfast this morning. Took a cue from my longhorn buddies and went out to breakfast myself.
Planning another supply run to Alpine tomorrow so I have been compiling the list off and on all day to make the most of the trip. Only other task on the agenda was to rescue some baby agaves from an "abandoned dream" about two miles away from me. Just a shell of a home made trailed left but a nice healthy (but thirsty) agave with some sprouts nearby. In return for taking her young, I gave the mother plant (pictured above) 5 gallons of water. Hopefully, the transplants will take to the Field Lab. Also did quite a bit of exploring during my plant rescue outing. Sorry to all you folks across the world still shivering with winter - we had a high of 90 today.

Beatrice and Guillermo came back for dinner with another young bull calf I have named Clive. Beatrice finally took range feed right out of my hand tonight. Kind of makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm pretty easy to please these days.


Anonymous said...

90? Hell, folks were sweltering in 73 degrees in El Paso.

/enjoy the posts. Keep 'em coming. Say, where are you posting from, off the grid down there?

Anonymous said...

You seem to eat out a lot. Where do you get your funds? Just curious. HAve you built up a savings or are you working off a grant?

trevor.reichman said...

already up to 90, huh?

i'll be back out that way again soon. was just waiting for things to warm up.

Anonymous said...

Nice Agave...are there different species, different flavors?