Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2 cool downs

The Field Lab got a sprinkle just like I hoped for last night....mostly wind out of the north but at least settled the dust with .05" of rain that happened in about 5 minutes. The outside temp dropped like a rock.
Long, hot day today and thought it would be a repeat of hiding from the heat, but another storm blew in late this afternoon....just a mist of rain but another fine temp drop. Took advantage of the cool down by cutting and jigging all the parts for the second half of experimental truss 1. Found some numbers online on rebar weight and how much I need for each truss and cypher'd out that they will weigh only about 250 lbs. (and please don't bother to check my math in the comments section - I've got it covered, thank you very much... ; )


Bob O said...

So, when did you graduate from MIT? You seem to really have this down....photographers assistant....hmmm....or....Undercover Engineer.

Or, are you just really smart and taking the time to read the manual?

Either way, a tip of the hat to you. Well done.

Just Me said...

OK. No math today. I'm missing a variable anyway - you haven't mentioned what diameter rebar you're using.

I've got some ideas on how to get those trusses atop the containers. Will discuss with you in person if you haven't got it all figured out by the time I see you next.

Mr_Brown said...


But what is a Backseat Field Labber to do? :)

rj said...

I think you should fabricate sections with multiple trusses and laterals on the ground and then hoist them up. They would be stable enough (eg wide enough) to sit on the container while you weld or bolt them permanently.