Wednesday, July 1, 2009

late day welding

Update on yesterday. Finished dinner and composing the blog by 8PM last night - as is was still light out and cool and breezy, I decided to fetch some more sand. Got 3 more wheel barrow loads and filled the south entrance walls and half of the west side. Took a nice long shower at dusk. Didn't feel so cool and breezy after hefting all that sand.

Good thing I put in a little extra time last night because I was pretty worthless workwise today. Spent the morning checking in with an old buddy from my NYC days - Mark Helmuth . We worked on one production together and became good friends. I shot some B&W super8 film of his wedding 12 years ago and recently came across the box where I had stored away the still unprocessed film. I packed it up and printed out a UPS label and got it on the truck by 11:30AM. He is going to get it processed in LA. We are both keeping our fingers crossed that there will still be life on that film

Heated up fast even with intermittent cloud cover and only managed to do some grounds keeping and a visit over at Chuck's. Had an afternoon nap and an early dinner. So the day wasn't a total washout, I cut a few more pieces of re bar and finished up welding the extensions. If I can muster up 5 more loads of sand in the morning, I will be ready to start stacking the next 5 courses of block.
Photo of the day from my past life as a sculptor and prop builder - the artist formerly known as John Wells Televisions. This was my last big gig in NYC before moving upstate. Mark hooked me up with this job for a video post production house in Manhattan. Video of the project on YouTube...


neil said...

Nelson from Garland, Texas said...

Hey, John. I consider any day that includes an afternoon nap a good day.

On Sunday afternoon, around 1 p.m., I usually say to my family, "Ladies and gentleman, the world record holder for the longest afternoon nap, Nelson Prater!"

Bob O said...

Sweet bots!

Boo, Terry and Brooke said...

Your work in New York was cutting edge, but your work in Terlingua will help us all, for all time.
Boo Barksdale- Austin Texas

ezrablu said...

You've been to the moon and back...what a wonderful lifetime :o)
Thank you for sharing your extremely interesting past AND your certain to intrigue future with us.