Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well I got up bright and early just as planned (but just missed another ISS fly by) and had a cup of coffee with the sunrise. Benita joined me for a crunchy snack. Loaded the wheel barrow and shovel in the truck and headed down the road to the "bad" spot. Two hours and 12 loads later the hole was no more and the road good to go for my McCoys delivery. Was joined by about 20 longhorns expecting a snack - they wandered off as soon as they realized I had nothing for them and they didn't seem to be particularly interested in watching me put dirt in a hole. Was back home barely long enough to guzzle a quart of Gatorade when the truck pulled up to the end of my driveway. Got my stuff unloaded and brought up to the house while about 40 longhorns watched.The mornings labor pretty much wrecked me for the day so I broke for lunch at the GrubShack and killed off the afternoon by running some errands down in Study Butte. High temp today of 107 and only down to 99 by 8PM. There's always tomorrow...


Michael said...

Hi John!
I see that you are "de-silting" the catchment pond. Have you begun work on a downstream dam to catch the clearwater from future storms?

I want to do something about you for my beer blog...something about the prospects for homebrewing at the field lab or this "red beer" I'm hearing so much about. I'll drop you an email to discuss some specifics. Been looking for your Texas Monthly on the shelves here without success so far...won't give up though.

Frances said...

Hi- I found your site when reading about alternative building methods.
I appreciate your writing about the small beauties in life- rain (or lack of), birds,cattle, cold beer,tiny American flags.
I've been wondering how will you get the silt out of the tanks? Can a person get in one of those tanks if necessary?
I'm working on my own house this summer, and each evening, after I've wrapped myself up in blackberry vines (unintentionally)or lifted & carried too many boards (unintentionally)or tripped over the dog (intentionally on her part), I come in, feed the dog, relax and read your blog. I was so happy to read that you actually get tired! My new favorite time of day is's safer.

Ben in Texas said...

John, have you looked into a Solar Still for fresh water? I bet one of the lower catch basins below your dam would be a good place. Won't make a lot of fresh water, but "maybe' enough for daily drinking? Just got off on a tangent today and remembered it from one of my survival classes.

Winterchill said...

Everytime I read John's blog I feel horribly lazy and feel the need to go outside and plow something up.
Ok I dont have a plow, but I do have a tiny bit of gardening equipment.
And when he gives out the temp I go and turn on my box fan so I dont burn up while reading the rest. Of course I am sitting inside and A/c house.
John what would it take to power a small ac unit? And what about a box fan to help the swamp cooler?
I ask cause I have no idea.
As much as I have enjoyed your journey to settle on your 40 acres I just could not handle the heat.