Friday, July 24, 2009

nuttin but cuttin seems to look a lot like yesterday - but without the hacksaw. Borrowed a functional chop saw from my friend Julianne who ever so thoughtfully pointed out in the comments yesterday that I will need to cut 1540 13" pieces for all my truss work. Just lots of prep work before the welding gets kick started. Not sure if this is even gonna work but I have to build one complete truss and stick it on top before I know.


TexasMan said...

I am confident that the plan as you have it laid out on the table now will be very acceptable to you. I am not an engineer but the number of struts you are putting in should support quite a snow load (and of course you have no snow load). And I think you were going to place them rather close together. All in all I would not be afraid to walk on your roof and I am afraid of heights!

I'll have to tell you my story about the time I visited my builder friend in Mexico. You'll then understand the heights thing.

Anonymous said...

How are you gonna get it up there? Youve got to get a few people lined up to help. kind of a modern barn raising party.

rj said...

Just be sure to crossbrace the struts together one strut to another. For a greenhouse roof, you don't need much load bearing strength. You need to be able to handle wind loads so that it does not blow away. Part of that will be the cross bracing and the attachment points to the containers. Then you have to ensure that your roof panels are secure. Actually the fine art of structural engineering is too avoid overbuilding, simply as a cost containment strategy.

Lynette said...

hot work for our dear texas sun out there
keep hydrated

denziel56 said...

Hey there jw,

man i'm sorry , that's a lot of pieces to cut ! just wait until ya put the hood on and start them full pen-welds !

was wondering if they will "shrink up" or "twist-out" as you follow the stringer welding them braces in ?

just hope there is at least a breeze for a couple of days while you stick um together.

cheers !


Anonymous said...

JW, Are you using your solar and wind power to run your chop saw? Or are you using a generator?

kahuna said...

I like how you've got that stuff laid out! it's gonna be pretty impressive, one of these days I oughta make my way out there, try me out a grub shack breakfast for myself!