Thursday, July 23, 2009

now we resume our regular programming

Had the benefit of my 3 favorite longhorns here all day today....Guillermo, Benita, and Beatrice. These three seem to play well together so there were no confrontations - just relaxed snacking. I'm thinking they might all be related.

The good ol' TV test pattern from yesterday was part of my logo back in my NYC days as a prop builder when I was the artist formerly known as John Wells Televisions. That image and the loud tone that accompanied it is my earliest remembrance of TV back in the 60's. The only reason we have 24 hour programming now is so advertisers can sell more crap that we just don't need. I long for the day that I only consume what I produce myself...I cannot justify putting Google ads on this blog because the click through scam is just a big ponzie scheme that has absolutely no value. Down the road, I will have my own products to sell that will earn me an honest dollar.
Been rethinking my truss system due to a dream I had the other night. Set up the new layout and began cutting rebar (by hand)...the chop saw Ryan loaned me needs a smaller cutoff wheel than the one provided. Since I need to cut 70 13" pieces for each truss half....will run down to Bee Mountain Hardware in the morning to get the correct cutter. My hacksaw arm is plumb wore out.

A couple of big storms dumped on Marathon the last two nights but never quite made it down here. The Field Lab got .01" and 3 bees in the rain gauge last night.


rj said...

I like the new truss design much better. Almost like they teach in structural engineering for a Arch Truss Roof.

See interesting 3D View of a roof truss.

TexasMan said...

Much Better! Very strong for good size arch.

Bob O said...

I'm table book?

You are just a storm of energy. I'm in awe over how much you get done in a day. I guess it helps to have no distractions beyond the occasional friendly longhorn and a beautiful blue sky.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh now I see what your doing with that big table. I could build a cabin just using the lumber from your table.

Your not gonna trow it away after your done by any chance are you? Just kiddin

Allen Hare said...

Great looking truss, John. I spend a lot of time in warehouses and such, with exposed structural features, and I find myself looking at, and studying the design of the structural, and architectural features on display. Your current design is mostly what I have seen in industrial buildings. Good for you.
I'm glad that you said what you said about the Google Adsense. Ads on your blog would only cheepen it. Thanks from all of us, I'm sure.
rj, that link to the 3D View is great. That Google Sketchup/3D Warehouse thing is amazing. I can see me spending a lot of time in there. Thanks for the link.

Baytown Bert said...

"The only reason we have 24 hour programming now is so advertisers can sell more crap that we just don't need".

My thoughts exactly. Thank you.

Just Me said...

That's a lot of cutting!

70 pieces per truss half, times two halves per truss is 140 per truss. 140 pieces per truss times 11 trusses is 1540 pieces! Egads. I can't believe you even considered using a hacksaw.

Lynette said...

glad to see you back
i remember the test pattern right after the star spangle banner played
what i liked most was
it is 10 o clock do you know where your children are?

Teresa said...

I recently asked a group of friends if they remembered the old "It is 10 o'clock, do you know where your children are?"

BTW, glad you said no to the ads.

Winterchill said...

Lynette and Teresa, I remember those days.
Unfortunatly if parents are asked in this day and age where their children are most dont know and dont care where they are.

Andy Graves said...

Hey John,
Fairly new to your posts. Lovely project you got going there. I posted an idea for a template for your new trusses to aid in keeping things symmetrical. Got a little drawing there-didn't know how to post it here so it's in my blog-godbless.

Keep up the good work there,

RikDeere said...

Honest dollars for honest products - what a concept! With all the work you have done, I'm sure they'll be products worth looking at.

Keep up the good work, things are really starting to look interesting.

linda said...

I vote for Benita coffee mugs!

Aaron said...

not sure if it'll work for what you're doing but, you can also use a bolt cutter to cut rebar