Thursday, July 2, 2009


Lacklustre morning as far as work goes - wasn't able to get at it before it got hot. Fed Benita then relaxed inside and read for awhile. Took a ride in with Ryan on his Mule (vehicle not animal) for a GrubShack breakfast. Came back home stuffed and dozed off to the dull roar of my swamp cooler.
Got two good emails this afternoon. Seems the film I shipped out yesterday arrived this afternoon (one day ahead of schedule). I love UPS! Mark fired off "the eagle has landed" message and also forwarded this link to a brilliant idea for my aquaponics experiment.,3,1969645.story How does Field Lab Desert Lobster sound?

Also got an email from my new solar cooking hero Matt West with a link to his solar cooking experiments I really like the idea of a solar fryer!
Benita came back in for a late afternoon snack and had a confrontation with an unwelcomed guest. I missed the shot of them locking horns but caught her chasing the intruder off. She is pretty particular about her dinner company.

Had an early dinner then sucked it up and hauled 4 more wheel barrow loads to finish filling the block walls. It's gonna take quite a bit of shoveling to empty out my sand catchment dam...I reckon some heavy equipment is gonna have to lend a hand.


2L84Me said...

Benita has the reach on her competition .......

Legally I guess you should be posting "Warning Guard Cow"


John, you have spoiled her! You are HERS!

As for your "Sand Catcher", WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY ! Another chance for you to show your problem solving talents.

Good Luck

noodles said...

I just love Benita. What a great companion.

Nelson from Garland, Texas said...

Benita is so great! Thanks for sharing.

I'm definitely saving up my money for a solar cooker. I just hope I have enough before it starts to cool off.

Rusty said...

Hey John, I'll see you in a few days but until then if you find the time, check out Rusty

MsBelinda said...

Who needs a guard dog when you have a guard longhorn, lol.

Clicked on the picture but it does not enlarge.

Thought she had a mild nature but when it comes to food nothing is written in stone. She is certainly guarding her rightful share.

boborama said...

Interesting and productive solution to the dam silting problem. Well done!

I think it's time we discuss something that is really one word: BOBCAT!

czardastx said...

Excellent, excellent photo of Benita. That photo makes me think that it would make a great Remington painting. It captures the beauty and wide open spaces that make this part of Texas so mesmerizing.

Ian said...

My respect for you would quadruple if you had a use for the sand and planned the dam to collect it all along.