Friday, July 17, 2009



TexasMan said...

Looks like Benita is making herself at home.

Hope you are collecting the dry cow dung for fire material in the winter months or adding to your compost.

denziel56 said...

Hey JW,
Glad we droped in yesterday and Not today! keep in touch.
Next trip out consider a drive north and see my place.

Cheers ,sjb

Anonymous said...

TexasMan, I have heard of using dung for fuel but I wonder if its a clean burn or do you have to throw in t-paper afterwards to clean the flew? he he he

2L84Me said...

Hey John
Just saw the Texas Country Reporter. It featured a Dick & Bonnie Cain from Far West, Texas. Could this be Benita's Owners?

It was a real interesting piece.

John Wells said...

I hope I can catch that episode...yup - they are Benita's owners.

Winterchill said...

I have total respect for folks like Bonnie and Dick Cain for the life they have chosen to live. We all can see how much happier they re then the typical suburbanite who are really never truly happy with what they have.
I am a firm believer that the simpler your live is the better you will be.
John I know you used to be in the fashion industry I dont know how you managed to stand it for so long.
I think I could handle the life yall are living but someplace a bit cooler.

Anonymous said...

winterchill, I was reading your post and thought Id share something with you and anyone else who hasnt experienced the desert heat.

I went from the Arizona desert (115 degrees) to Alaska (60 degrees) in the fall of 1997. I thougth I was gonna freeze to death until the winter really came and then I really got scared. long story short, I got used to it and after a few years I would walk around in shorts and t-shirt in 50 degrees. when I came back to Arizona I thought Id die in the heat. But again I got used to it, and now as I get older I find I can handle the heat much easier than the cold. I have also lived in Georga and I can tell you the desert heat is much easier than the humid south. like john said before. WITH WIND even if its 100 out side in the desert when you take a shower you get cold. EVAP COOLER IS YOUR KEY TO HAPPINESS.
I hope it helped, but then again desert living isnt for everyone.

Winterchill said...

Marc I am a 3rd generation Texan and have lived in Texas all my live and I have never gotten used to this heat. :) I wished I had of but I have something that makes it really hard on me to deal with the heat. If I could trade Texas in for something cold I would do so in a second, I would miss home but I would never miss Texas summers ;)