Saturday, December 6, 2008

almost cook'n

Thought for sure that I would finish up the oven this morning, but..... Had a hankering for a breakfast sandwich from the Grub Shack to kick off the day. Betty makes them on Texas Toast - which for those of you who are unaware, is a double thick slice of bread. Next stop was Study Butte to buy barbecue paint for the interior of the oven. As long I was down south I dropped in on Carolyn at H2O to Go...she is such a sweetheart, I hung out for an hour chatting with her. Finally got to work on the oven at 1PM. Only had time to almost finish and run a test which worked out well, but no hot food yet. Gotta push tomorrow for my first solar cooked meal. Still have to insulate the oven chamber and add side reflectors to bump more sunlight in there. Chance of afternoon clouds so I will have to work quickly in the morning.

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