Monday, December 8, 2008

Hot oven

"Finished" up the solar oven today - rigged the insulated door and built the stand. Ran another test today with no cooking involved. Easily maxed out at 250 degrees today. I said I was finished but I have yet to add two side reflectors to bump the heat up to 350. Super windy all afternoon with gusts up to 30 mph. Had to chase some of my stuff around as the wind blew. Cleaned up the days mess and went back to the Starlight Theatre for 241 night with my pal Ronald. Heading to Alpine tomorrow for some shopping with Ara and Spirit. Check out the fantastic photos Ara shot while visiting here yesterday - Loading up on some groceries including some items to cook up with the sun later this week as well as some new cookware suited for my solar oven. Ara gave me a good cornbread recipe that will be the first test. Getting caught up with the old girlfriend via email today. Will dig an old photo of us out of the archives soon. She's been married now for over 2o years and has two teenage sons. Me - never been married-never been divorced-happy as a desert clam.


B.Schroeder said...

pretty cool... I have been reading your blog for the past month or so. I stumbled upon it will dinking around on YouTube. Keep on posting.

Unknown said...

Great-lookin' place! Found you from Ara's blog. May see you someday. Keep writin'!

Unknown said...

As a newcomer to John's blog, I've been doing some catch-up reading. For others who may venture to follow this same path, here is a direct link to the photos John referred to in
Ara's post