Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Greetings! to all you visitors who have come my way via Ara's blog. Nice to seem some fresh faces pouring in. Hope you enjoy the "show". Ara and I are very similar in our take on modern society and how we live life - except I'm a "stay put" and he is a "gotta get on the road." Who would have thought that our paths would cross here in the middle of nowhere - I would have bet on it happening when I worked in NYC as a photographer - meeting a world class chef such as Ara at some high end fashion event.

Ara, Spirit and I drove up to Alpine today for our shopping run. I couldn't help but think that Spirit felt a bit naked without his helmet and goggles - riding in the confined comfort of the back seat of my pickup. I think we both had consumer success. (but I forgot cheese!) Luckily, I had a chance to meet his solar electronics guru of a friend, Ryan - who was still "camped out" in town. This kid really knows his stuff when it comes to electronics and alternative energy. He is living in his own self contained mobile world with every base covered. I think of him as an interesting combination of Ara and I. Ryan has a great dog named Diego that I quickly bonded with.
Started raining as we left Alpine. Got drizzled on all the way back to paradise. Just barely beat the rain back home. Dropped off Ara and Spirit on their talcum powder road and shot home to beat the rain. Started to drizzle at the Field Lab an hour later. Very light rain tonight so I shouldn't have a problem getting out in the morning. Only about 6 degrees of separation (temperature wise) between drizzle and sleet or a light dusting of snow.


Shadowmoss said...

I am one who came here via Ara and Spirit. It's funny how things come back around. I started most of my internet surfing and blog reading because of my interest in off grid living and the technology. And, I find you from a blog I follow because of his adventures, great photographs and wonderful life philosophy. I look forward to reading more of your blog tonight and learning from you.

Barney, The Old Fat Man said...

Another intruder from Ara's site. Thank you for all the information on your site.

Anonymous said...

Another viewer via Ara's blog, more from a motorcycling point of view, but with a deep respect for those who are not afraid to live alternatively like both you and Ara are. There is a deep sense of freedom and self determination in this that I am drawn to.
All the best from cold and rainy Holland.

Victor A. said...

I like to think of myself as the pinball in a giant electronic pinball game covering the whole globe via the internet ,
And I bounced here from Ara's site ,which I bounced into a couple of years ago. And I been following them ever since , What Ara wrote about you and what I saw in the photo's intrigued me , And I wanted to hangout with you (electronically )of course and explore the experiences you have been kind enough to share ,, goodluck with oven ,, As a off the grid type myself,, I'll appreciate learning from your experments At The Field Lab

John Wells said...

A line from my cowboy poem:

Livin' in the east had its' perks and was good,

But there was somethin' back there unattainable.

In todays' day and age there's a new frontier,

To live a life that's self sustainable.