Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wind Chill

The wind has let up for now - calm, sunny, and cool (66 degrees). Seemed to get back into the swing of things today... mounted sheet metal to the sides of my solar oven reflectors - got up to 310 degrees today. Tried a cooking experiment this afternoon but it didn't work out very well - not enough oven time and I will have to tweak the recipe before revealing it here. It was OK but I had to top it off cooking-wize with the propane grill. Palatable, but that's about it - if anything happens overnight because of the meal, I will let you know tomorrow. That's why this place is called The Field Lab. Made a run over to Chuck and Kathy's to pick up the latest issue of Mother Earth News from them - for some bread recipes.

As I have been in drastic need of some personal cleansing - I turned my attention to a task for the solar shower that has been on the list for a long time. I joked with my Aunt Mary Lou yesterday about my need for a shower - "do I stink it there is no one here to smell me?" Finally stapled up a canvas tarp around the shower - I bought the tarp for just this purpose about a month before I even moved out here and began construction. This has nothing to do with modesty and all to do with WIND! I don't care how warm the water or how hot the sun is - if it's windy, it's COLD to shower in the great outdoors. With my new wind break in place I took a nice hot shower with no wind chill. Ahhhhhhhh....probably the last for 2008. Next on the list is a new/more efficient solar hot water system - especially for these winter months.


Anonymous said...

Im telling ya, a bathtub! In outward bound they made us jump in the ocean once a day.......Dont forget the coyotes can find you better if your nasty. Savory Wells with anchovy sauce. I'll check my Larousse!

Anonymous said...

Some of the folks out here have a cold tub for summer soaking/cooling off, although a shower is still the best way for instant chill (that's without the windbreak tho). It's definitely worth a trek to the national park's hot springs for a good, bone-healing soak.

AndrewSuber said...

Great post. Can you tell us a little more about construction? TY.