Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Marfa Public Radio

Shopping run to Alpine today. Loaded up on more baking supplies for the solar oven, parts to mount my anemometer and some wire to hook some solar panels up to the battery house. got home at 4PM. Also bought my Christmas present - the GPS for my truck. This may just end the age old fights between couples who travel and get lost, because the man refuses to stop and ask for directions. I for one am guilty of this. A couple of times I relented and let the girl ask for directions. I think this is because guys hate to look stupid but women love appearing vulnerable - their greatest weapon against man.

Light wind tonight and all 4 turbines are spinning......a gusty night would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to take this space to wish all at 93.5FM KRTS, Marfa Public Radio a very Merry Christmas. I am a proud supporter of our local station. KRTS was my lifeline to the outside world during my early construction phase last year at this time and continues to inform and entertain on a daily basis. They are the perfect mix of national NPR programing and excellent locally produced shows - even if it is the only station I can get out here. If I could only choose one station to receive, it would be KRTS. Funny how things work out...


MsBelinda said...

Back when I attended Sul Ross...many moons ago...the local radio station in Alpine went off the air at 8:00 pm being the night owl that I am I found a station that had a great DJ that came on at midnight...his name Wolfman Jack.

Thank you for your link to your website, it answers a lot of questions I wanted to ask you that I had not found in your blog yet.

Enjoyed your pictures as well.

TexasGirl said...

Hi there...sure am enjoying your blog.

For what it's worth, not all women love appearing vulnerable. And I've found that more than a few men don't like it when a woman appears self-sufficient/strong (even though, from a physical strength standpoint, we generally are vulnerable to men). Just sayin'.