Sunday, December 7, 2008

One year in the desert!

One year ago today, I started building my house out here in the middle of nowhere. The time just seems to move faster and faster. Hard to believe my home was once a wild chunk of desert onto which I first tentatively strode with machete in hand to ward off evil. Now I can't imagine every living anywhere else.

Tried as I might, the solar oven did not get finished today....close, but no hot meal. Chuck came out as I was working on the oven. Soon after, my blog hero (1,000,000+ views) - Ara came out with his dog, Spirit. I gave them the full tour and we hung out at talked about the photography world. We seem to have different missions in life but I feel like we are kindred spirits. Come to think of it....we look like brothers.
Note the new Buddhist prayer flags thanks to my step nephew, Stephen Butler. My first set from his sister Kristen (my favorite step relative!) were worn down by weather to just a whisper of a prayer.

After all the visitors left, I worked on the solar oven again to push it to the almost finished limit. Quit at 4 PM as my solar shower hot water was warmed up and I desperately needed a shower. Boy did that feel good. Cleaned up the construction zone and headed down to the Starlight Theatre to celebrate my anniversary with a night out at the bar. Had a nice time chatting with some locals and an attractive bar maid who winters down here. Also ran into a guy I've corresponded with via the internet who has posted some YouTube videos and has recently located full time to the area. All in all, a very good end to year one at the Field Lab. Icing on the cake was tracking down my first true love on Facebook today.


kahuna said...

Congratulations on your first year, John, and thanks for being an inspiration. I'm pouring myself a little drink in your honor.

kahuna said...

This is brett doar, by the way. I didn't realize it came up "kahuna".

Anonymous said...

Bravo Mr. Wells!
Not that I didn't think you could.
You always inspire!

Anonymous said...

Where's the Starlight theatre....

John Wells said...