Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Very important note: If 2008 seems to drag on and on tomorrow it's because "the powers that be" (in regard to time keeping) are adding one second to the worlds clocks. Something to do with the earth spinning just a little slower. The last minute of 2008 will have 61 seconds. I hope everyone makes good use of this extra time and that it doesn't throw off your new years countdown.

Had to run some errands down in Study Butte this morning. Passed Dan on the highway - can't miss his red BMW roadster. Caught up with him at Kathy's Kosmic Kowgirl Kafe and had coffee and chitchat with Dan and some tourists. Felt myself getting sucked in to a day of hanging out so skidaddled out of there and hustled home.

Made my last major online purchase for the year....a small MIG welder from Northern Tool. I have several projects on the slate for '09 that will require bonding metal to metal. I will be using it at Chucks house to begin with since it requires grid power - but ultimately will add a gas generator to my collection of essential tools so I will be able to use the welder at the Field Lab and out and about.

Exhausted after my shopping spree - I took a drive to the nether regions west of me. Mostly just exploring and wandering around....with a little rock hunting. Sometimes it's hard to tell if I'm walking on some distant planet or just lost in the desert. Can't help spotting lots of little treasures that have been on this landscape for ages. Photo of some odds'n'ends I have been collecting from my property.

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Anonymous said...

A all day chitchat at the cowgirl will save your soul John. and put a big smile on your face. Your friend big smile