Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Recession

Quick day today. Returned my rental truck in Study Butte this morning. Chuck picked me up there and we went to Alpine. Got my truck and we parted ways for the day. I picked up some lumber for both of us and stocked up at the grocery store. Stopped by the Brewster Co. tax office and filled out the form for my homestead exemption which will lower my already low property taxes. The assessor will be coming out in January to "assess" my property with improvements. My 128 sq ft home will be a plus. The exemption will take effect starting next year.

Beat Chuck back to Terlingua Ranch so I dropped off his lumber and took my booty home. Picked up our local musical genius, Trevor Reichman and drove out to Dan and Paul's house to introduce them and pick up some tires and an old refrigerator they were getting rid of. Planning on some rammed earth columns with the tires - but not quit sure what I will do with the nicely shaped fridge.

Stopped by Chuck's on the way home and picked up some precious items I left with him while I was away. He's a damn good guard dog. Got home and prepped for the evening. Shot a load of photos of the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter Show. Tried a bunch of different exposure settings on my G9. This was shot at f2.8 / 15 seconds.

A little light painting in the foreground with my trusty flashlight.


czardastx said...

Great shot. This really captures the night time beauty of far west Texas.

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