Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Circle Method

26 degrees at sunrise today but the morning warmed up quickly. High of 80 degrees at 4PM. A guy I met last Easter was out for the weekend - David Hinkle and his buddy Dwight. I have kept in touch with David by email since we first met. He owns about 500 acres SW of me...most of Panther mountain. They stopped by on there way out of the desert and dropped off a load of food they didn't get to while camping. Now I can add two more guys to my list of super nice Texans. David and his family will be out again next Easter and he is going to show me the easy way up his mountain so I can hike and camp up there next year.

Spent all day cleaning up the grounds around my house. Finally eliminated piles of stuff that just didn't belong. To enhance the cleanup effort, I hooked up my surround sound receiver for some really good stereo while I worked. I used a cleaning method I developed back when I lived in a tiny apartment in Manhattan. It was pretty easy back then to get overwhelmed with the thought of cleaning my apartment so I invented the circle method. Rather than haphazard cleaning - you just start at one point and work your way around the perimeter till you get back to the point you started and the next thing you know - everything is in its place. An improved variation of the circle method I also invented is to allow yourself to jump across the circle if something needs to be relocated, bringing you to another point in the circle. Just continue around the perimeter from there. I used both methods today and they still work for me. Out here there was a lot of jumping across the circle to bring things to order. Another day and the grounds should be spic and span.

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Road said...

re: The Circle Method - Haven't had a name for it 'til now, but that's 'zackly what I do, when--in whatever place I find myself, from vandwelling to my studio to extended hotel stay or guest room--I see things need straightening up.

Been thoroughly enjoying skipping around your posts for a long time, and am now kind of doing them in order, with a keen eye towards your solo building skills.

Been down your way several times, frequenting many of your same haunts in Ghost Town and Study Butte, and have plans to get my own tract to establish an off-grid homebase I can return to and work.

Looking forward to meeting you someday.