Tuesday, September 30, 2008

big blade

what ho....made it to Austin no problem. Had dinner with my friend Dan and spending the night at his house. Loaded up on more parts to wire up my wind turbines from Home Depot...also got new sunglasses and a new cowboy hat. Will pack up stuff from my storage unit and hit the road home early tomarrow. Highlight of the trip between home and Austin is the huge wind farm just east of Ft. Stockton on Rt. 10. Passed several trucks bringing parts west for the next turbine. Here is a blade.

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gerry rosser said...

When I drove out west a couple of years ago, I turned north at Fort Stockton to go see Guadalupe Mountain Park. As I got a bit north (after passing some rich guy's "spaceport," I aw a lot of windies (my term for wind generators) up on a ridge. That was quite a few miles north of I-10.