Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hinged Roof

Spent about an hour this morning trying to figure out the trim for the door of the battery house. After cutting a couple of pieces I decided I just didn't have the right lumber in my junk pile to finish the job to my satisfaction. Did a photo anyway to show the secret twist to the battery house construction. So I don't have to crawl in there to deal with the electronics, I hinged the roof to give me plenty of headroom when I need it.

Took a drive up to Charley's and gave him a check for two of his 3,000 gal. water tanks he was selling at last years price. Saved myself almost $500 for what they are going for currently. Kind of like having a time machine to go back in time to buy something I knew I would need at a price from the past. Now I have almost 10,000 gallons of storage capacity. Just hope I will be ready to catch it next time it rains - if ever...

As I just decided to make another run to Austin, I stopped my Chucks to check out his utility trailer that I am borrowing to help with this load. Had to check the electrical connections to make sure the lights worked properly...and they did. Worked on my shopping schedule and list for the trip till suppertime. This one will be the most ambitious as I have a lot I would like to accomplish this round. Today was mostly a thinking and planning day.


Liberty Bell Jones said...

How on earth could NOT ONE PERSON have commented on that hinged roof!?! It's a work of art! Brilliant AND beautiful work, John!

Ragtimelil said...

I have to agree!!!