Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shovel Fun

Last night when I went out to brush my teeth and do my twilight tinkle....I came across two huge spiders working their webs. Since I had my flashlight with me, I thought I'd treat them to some take out. My light near their webs delivered quite a few moths and various other bugs. Kept both spiders busy for awhile - wrapping up their meals with rapid web weaving.

Took a walk about a mile down my road to survey the conditions....still quite a few bad spots. At about 6 PM I went out again in the dune buggy and was able to go almost to the 2 mile mark from my place. Saw my favorite longhorn cow so came home and got some range feed for her. She must me used to the white pickup but not the dune buggy so it took a bit of enticing to get her to come over for a snack which she finally did. After that episode, I drove the back route to my neighbor Capt. Kirks. There were some new tracks on the road so I reckon he came home today - and didn't bring me ICE! Looks like no rain tonight so I will work my way out tomorrow.

No rain at all today and quite a bit of sun. Built the frames and doorway for the first of four layers of rolled earth wall sections for the battery house. Fetched 3 wheel barrow loads of clay and 1 on sand for the mix. Each wheel barrow load is about 40 shovel-fulls. I am beat...having my first desert grown zucchini with my dinner tonight!

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