Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Cloudy and cool all day with some nice breaks of sunshine - not a drop of rain for a change. No wind this morning so got right out and lowered my wind turbine. Spent the next couple of hours resetting the forms for the top layer of concrete on the battery house walls. While I had the chance, I drove in to Chuck and Kathy's to pick up more of my cinder blocks and give one of my volcanic nipples to Kathy. Was treated to lunch while I was there.

Picked up some beer and Junior Mints at the ranch supply store on the way home. Poured half of the concrete for the battery house, then lopped off 27" of the top of the pole the turbine was mounted to. I meant to do that before I put it up but was in a hurry to see it fly. Also found that I had to reinforce the u-bolts where the guy wires attach to the pole as they had slipped. Re-mounted the turbine and stood it back up into position. Now it should fly more solidly without any wobble at low speeds.

Made my first desert pizza in the propane grill tonight for dinner. Chef Boyardee pizza mix with extra cheddar cheese, canned corn, and steak. Came really close to cooking it too long - pretty crunchy but damn good still. Tried to save a slice but ended up eating the whole pie. Now I'm fat'n'happy.


Herb Clark said...

John, I am in process of reading all of your blogs and started with the oldest and am now up to "Pizza".

How tall are your wind turbine poles after you cut off 27"?

Did you insulate your containers? Maybe I haven't gotten to that yet.

Finally figured out you have 3 modes of transportation: pickup, dune buggy and an electric bicycle. 4 if you count walking!

John Baxter said...

Same, started a few days ago, albeit 8 years, 9 months and 6 days later at time of this post.