Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Buh-bye Driveway

Cloudy this morning then drizzle for a couple of hours. Thought that was it for me for the day. Suddenly it let up and I went for a long hike around the property rock hunting - all the purdy ones show up real good after it rains. Brought home lots of nice glass like crystals and a bunch of little molten bits that must have landed here after a volcano purged itself a long long time ago.

Suddenly sunny so took the opportunity to remove the forms from yesterdays work. This section looks really good. Cleared my tarp of the aggregate I'd accumulated for the sections. Getting it ready to cover the construction in case it rains later on. Lots of rain still in the forecast for the next day or two.

Spent and hour memorizing my cowboy poem - just about got it down pat now. With the sunny afternoon I decided to check out my road in the dune buggy...to my surprise, it was pretty good all the way to the store. As long as I was that far, I picked up a block of ice. On the way home it was starting to look ominous to the east. Within an hour of being back home it got worse. According to the Doppler radar, the showers were heading SW to NE. According to my wind turbine the wind was blowing N to S. According to the clouds the storm was moving E to W. The weather makes absolutely no sense out here. From 4:30 to 6:30 I got 1/2" of rain...so much for my road and my driveway.

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