Thursday, September 18, 2008

Swamp Buggy

Nice sunny morning so got right out and took the forms off the top layer of concrete on the battery house. Carted all the refuse and forms to my secret out of sight junk pile. Took a ride in to Chucks to get my last 15 cinder blocks. No one was home so I played with his dogs for a bit then loaded up and headed back. While stacking them I heard a car horn. Chuck and Kathy came out for a visit. They drove in from Agua Fria Rd. from the north of me. Must have found a patch of road that was still really swampy.

Went for a walk around the property to photograph the flowers that are springing up everywhere. Will post these as my next set on flickr soon. Came across a snake called the red racer. Relatively harmless but long and fast. This one was over 3' and once I poked him with a stick, her look off like lightning. His high speed slithering sounded like a rusty zipper as he moved across the dry ground.

Took a ride across the highway to see if my neighbor Guy Welch was back from the Slabs. He is transitioning here from Slab City near the Salton Sea in California. As I was heading down a side road toward his place, I passed him coming the opposite direction...he just got back today and was on his way out to see me. I turned around and we came back out to my place. He had a free laptop he wanted me to check out with my internet connection I wanted him to see my first wind turbine up. We hung out at chatted for a good hour then he headed home to unpack from his trip. 45 longhorns are grazing just after sunset right at the end of my driveway.

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John Baxter said...

I was looking at a spot of land near that, Blythe, Ca. A rv park with 4 wheelers was too close though. THEN I found Terlingua :)