Saturday, September 13, 2008

Full Moon

Not a whole lot happened today...nothing really accomplished in the big scheme of things. I'm a bit over being swamped in since Tuesday. Patched my driveway where the water runs across - found a big puddle where the desert frogs must have been busy lately during the recent rains. Tadpoles galore swimming around. Cleaned up around the battery house project then took a drive in the dune buggy to check my road. Still really bad in the worst spot. Came back home and called my friend Chuck to meet me at the Ranch Supply Store with my rechargeable tool batteries I left at his place. Decided it was a good time to try one of my contingency plans - so drove the truck 2 good miles of my road then rode my bike from there to the store...picked up some ice and my batteries and charger from Chuck then headed home. I need another good dry day to firm up the road. Will probably wait till Tuesday to do my shopping run to Alpine as I got enough to do to keep me busy tomorrow ( unlike today ). Beautiful full moon rise as I cooked some more flour tortillas. Its gonna be a bright night tonight.

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