Monday, September 29, 2008

New Batteries

First chore of the day other than the normal morning ritual was to go feed Chucks dogs one more time - Chuck is due back home this afternoon. Had some quick play time with Chris and Hannah which involved asking Hannah where her toy was and scratching Chris' ears - then breakfast. On the way home I saw Benita and Oscar so I stopped and gave them a snack. Went down the road aways and did some rut fillin'. As I wasn't quite out of eyesight of the longhorns - they ended up following me all the way home. Had to gently dissuade them from coming all the way down my driveway. They ended up walking the 2 miles back to where they have been hanging out.

Painted up as high as I could reach on my first wind turbine mount. Took down tower 2 to adjust the guy wire mounts, cut off the top of the pole to square it off, and paint the whole pole. Now this one is ready for turbine #2. Headed back over to Chucks as I knew he and Kathy were going to be home soon...ended up meeting them at the mailboxes just as they were coming in. Followed them home and helped them unload and got ( and paid Chuck ) for my 6 new batteries.

Brought my new power storage home and immediately made a platform for them so sit on in the battery house. Loaded them in and sat and thought about the new possibilities they will provide. Checked in with my friend Dan in Austin - the coast is clear for my arrival tomorrow night. Started clearing off my counter tops as I plan on giving them a second coat of polyurethane in the morning before I head out. The first coat I did one morning 6 months ago and had trouble sleeping that night because of the fumes....this time it is has 48 hours to quit stinking before I come back. May not post tomorrow so this is what is going to happen....Drive to Austin - pick up a few things at Home Depot and Walmart on the way - go out to dinner with Dan, Katherine, and Dylan - go to bed.

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