Friday, September 5, 2008


Woke up just in time to watch the sunrise. What a great way to start the day. Had my coffee - did my morning doody - and threw some bird seed out for the sparrows and the quail. Six baby quail have recently joined their parents at my feeding station.

Headed over to my neighbors ( Chuck and Kathy ) to pick up some of my bags of cement. They graciously allowed my materials delivery to be dropped off at their house on Tuesday when my road was soaked. I loaded ten 80 lb. bags into my truck then hung out awhile to play with his dogs. Chuck was expecting a Schwans delivery today. Schwans is a company that delivers just about any kind of frozen food you can imagine right to your door. I suddenly thought STEAK - and left him some money so when the delivery came, he could get me the package that includes four 6 oz rib eye steaks. I definitely need some extra protein after yesterdays labor.

Headed home and stacked my bags of concrete. With the sun blazing down, I removed the forms from the first layer of rammed earth. The walls look good and solid. Took an hour off to get in the 2:00 PM it was 104 degrees.

Took a drive to visit another neighbor, Ronald Nelson. He has to be the nicest guy on the planet. Ronald has been living out here 4 years in a small camper and is finally getting started on larger living quarters. He just began what will be a ferro cement Quonset hut style building. Will be interesting to watch the project come to light. Swung by Chucks to pick up another 20 bags of concrete and my STEAKS. I still have 180 cinder blocks at his place to ferry home.

Spent the late afternoon organizing my concrete. Moved two 90 lb. bags of portland cement over to the battery house since I will be using most of it up to complete the project. Moved a couple of opened bags of concrete away from my shower area to the new staging zone for construction materials. Finished by just cleaning up around the yard - stuff has a way of accumulating out here.

Completed the day by watching the sun set at 7:57:10PM. Cooked up a batch of brown rice with vidalia onions, garlic....and some cherry tomatoes from my plants. Grilled up one of the steaks at twilight as Venus set on the western horizon. Just enough accomplished today to savor a very rewarding meal. Photo of the day is my first desert grown zucchini that I had for dinner a couple of nights ago.

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John Baxter said...

Love my zucchini! Remember Sanford and Son?