Friday, September 19, 2008

International Space Station

Woke up at 5:45 AM - diddled on the internet for an hour and a half then went out to watch the sunrise. Beautiful cloudless morning. Around 8:30 some longhorns decided to venture down my driveway - lured them back to the road with a load of range feed.

Decided to make my shopping run today to Alpine. Stopped by Guy Welch's to get his lumber order then went by Chuck and Kathy's. Chuck wanted to head up with me to look at a Jeep he heard was for sale there so off we went. Turns out the Jeep was for sale through a friend of a friend of a friend and was actually in Odessa - so Chuck had to just tag along for my shopping chores. I got the materials I need to build the roof and door for the battery house, renewed my vehicle registration, and loaded up on groceries. Now I have another 30 day supply of eats. Will start building the roof for the battery house tomorrow now that the concrete is set.

Got back to Terlingua Ranch at 5:30PM, dropped off Chuck and took the lumber order to Guy. By the time I got home and unpacked it was close to 7PM. On the way home I saw by favorite longhorn cow grazing all alone and just happened to have some range feed for her. I stopped and mooed at her and she came over to me. I feel pretty comfortable with this one so I got out of the truck to dump the feed right to her. She walked calmly up to me and just started chowing down.

Been checking the sighting opportunities for the International Space Station lately now that we have clear skies and knew tonight would be a good viewing opportunity. Right on cue it flew over for a nice 6 minute show. To view the space station from your area, go to this link and click on your state and then the nearest city. When the shuttle is flying missions -you can see two bright lights flying overhead. Pretty amazing!

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TexasMan said...

I was intrigued with the Space Station post and the web site.

Decided that will be an extra treat for me on my birthday March 13th. I'll be 70.