Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tanks alot...

Slept in this morning for a change...didn't wake up till 6:45AM. Proceeded with my morning ritual then headed back down to Study Butte. Picked up an attractive female hitchhiker ( not single though ) on the way south and met a new friend. Pulled into Archie's right at 9:00AM to get my oil changed. Walked 1/4 mile back to the Motor Inn Cafe for another dose of eggs and sausage and grits. Timed my eating just right as when I got back to Archie's my bill was just getting printed out.

Step 2 of the days chores was to pick up Chuck and his trailer to haul my new water tanks home. Took it slow and easy down my dirt road and managed to get them here OK. The last time we trailered some tanks out here, we dropped one about a mile an a half from my house and had to go back and get it. Rolled 'em off and I took Chuck and his trailer home.

Cleared a path through the desert greens and rolled one of the tanks out to its final resting place. The are a bit difficult to handle alone as they are 8.5' wide and 7.5' tall. With some muscle and a bit of thinking I was able to maneuver the monster and tip it into place all by myself. With that done, I leveled the spot where the second tank will sit. These two 3,000 gallon tanks will get filled near the creeks on my property with rainwater runoff. The water will be used for the greenhouse irrigation.

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