Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Rainy yet again this morning, but just a mist. Spent some time rock hunting and came up with quite a few nice chunks'0'quartz and some good fossils. Also came across some purdy flowers doing their best to bloom while they had the chance. While surveying my driveway as to its' condition, I saw my first local tarantula. I saw lots of them back in January walking across the highway but this is the first one I've seen close by. My first memory of seeing a tarantula was in a James Bond movie as one crawled up Sean Connery's' arm.

Today's tasks included setting the forms for the next section of the battery house walls, and creating two diversions for the water flow when the next rain occurs. Both spots should lessen the flooding of my driveway next time.

Took a ride in the dune buddy to survey the road situation....not good, but should be OK by tomorrow afternoon if no more rain. Called my neighbor, Capt. Kirk but he must have gotten swamped out as there was no answer. Drove over to his driveway but no sign of tracks.

Been working on memorizing my cowboy poem...just about got it down pat. Cooked up another batch of flour tortillas and had canned macaroni and cheese with green beans and spam for dinner. YUM! Nice rainbow late today as I sat out and had my evening cocktail.

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