Monday, September 8, 2008

Springtime in September

Super gloomy looking morning when I got up...then it started to rain. It only lasted about a half hour then it looked like that would be it for now. As soon as the rain stopped, I got right to work on the next layer of the battery house. This time it only took 2 1/2 hours - I must be getting the hang of it.

Got 30 more of my cinder blocks moved over here and stacked. Spent about an hour trimming back my tomato plants and found 2 more big horn worms. Boy they sure do a good job of being camouflaged.

Made yet another stupid trip down south to Study Butte to get gas - wasn't I just there yesterday? Was a bit worried about the forecast for the next couple of days so wanted to be prepared as my tank was getting near empty. Very light rain tonight for about an hour but it looks like it will clear up overnight.

My home page is the local weather for my area from Lately it has been issuing a high pollen warning. Flowers seem to sprouting up all over the place since we have finally had some rain. Springtime in September.

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John Baxter said...

Wonder if those leaves are edible, like greens...