Thursday, September 11, 2008

Diggin for oil...

Was able to work layer 4 of the battery house in to today's schedule between drizzles. Had to skimp on the portland cement in each mix to finish up. The hole I have been digging my clay out of is getting deeper and deeper - hoping to find 1. water 2. oil 3. dinosaur bones. Lots of sun this afternoon so took a run in the dune buggy to check the road. All pretty good except for the worst spot that still keeps me from civilization.

Just as I was doing my dinner dishes I notice a major downfall coming from the south. Just as I finished closing everything down it started to rain at 6:15 PM. Had white out conditions with super heavy rain and wind for about 5 minutes. 15 minutes and .21" of rain later it was sunny again. So much for my almost dry road...Good news is, hurricane Ike is planning on missing us here. Bad new is, someone else is going to feel the brunt of it.

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John Baxter said...

If you found water, you would fall in...if you found oil, it would blow you into the air...the only safe thing, find bones :D