Friday, September 12, 2008

My tank runnith over...

Got a call late last night from my step-niece Kristen...I mention her by name because I know she reads this blog...Hi Kmom...that was at about 10:30PM - and yes I was almost asleep. As I resumed my search for slumber, the rain started to fall...I ended up getting up again around 11:45 because it was coming down hard. One last good pounding came around midnight and I just happened to take a look out at my overflow from my catchment tank just in time to see it start flowing briefly. Got .63" of rain from that outburst. runeth

Cloudy morning and slowly the sun broke through for the rest of the day. My road is drying out nicely. Removed the forms from yesterdays section of the battery house. Forgot to tarp off the bldg last night so it will take a couple of days for the wall sections to dry out completely. Pumped another 150 gallons from my catchment tank to one of my other tanks. I was full up to the 550 gallon mark. Noticed a big dead spider in the tank so I will have to check my gutter screens tomorrow.

Looks like the rain is done for awhile. Ike is heading northeast after it pounds Galveston and surrounding areas on that side of Texas. Soon I will be wishing for some rain again. Finished reading Buddhism for Dummies and listened to Science Friday on NPR. Working on the list for my shopping run to Alpine on Monday....soon to be free again.

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