Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mexican General

Woke up at 4:15AM...never really got back to sleep so got up and made coffee at 5:30AM. By the time the sun came up, I could tell it was going to be another cloudy day - although according to, zero chance of rain. Was anxious to get the second half of the battery house top poured so was finished with it by 9:30. Spent the next couple of hours organizing my recyclables (trash pile). Drove my beer can empties to the other side of the highway to a drop off point where one of my neighbors collects them for a monthly haul to Odessa to cash in.

Decided to venture down to Study Butte to do a load of laundry but after going only 3 miles south of my turnoff I hit rain...chickened out and came back home. Just a very list misting going on here so I dismantled one of my lumber piles and moved it to my "to burn" pile. Came across 2 small brown scorpions and due to the new Buddha nature I'm trying to instill - I relocated them far away from the house.

By 4:00 PM I was feeling rather certain that I wouldn't get rained on so I finally went south to do laundry. Just before I headed out my driveway, I found this couple of Mexican General grasshoppers - one riding on the back of the other ( don't know if they were mating or just good friends ). I photographed them then urged them out of the way so I could pass without squishing them. Included in my trip was a load of recyclables to leave at the drop off near the Ghost Town. On the way back to the laundry, I noticed a woman with a tripod and what looked liked a real camera taking a photo of a little abandoned house along HWY 170. Sure enough it was my new photog buddy, Jennifer Boomer. I pulled over and busted her chops asking if she had a permit to photograph there. After I picked up my laundry - I met her for a couple of beers at the Boat House Bar. Had a nice chat and exchanged gossip about the area. I got home at 6:45. Actually got everything done on my list for the day and socialized...I'm exhausted.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, John - I'm gonna guess they are just good friends. ;)

Coquitlam, BC, Canada