Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tiny Flower

Met up with Chuck, Kathy, and Charley for breakfast at the Motor Inn Cafe in Study Butte this morning. Was hoping to get an oil change at Archie's today but they were booked up so I will have to come back tomorrow morning which means another real cafe breakfast.
Got sidetracked from my plans to go to Austin by my friends that I was hoping to spend the night with. Seems they are rather hectic presently, plus there is a huge music festival going on in Austin starting on Thursday - so I have bumped the trip to next Tuesday when the coast will be clear on all fronts.

Was sort of at a loss as to what to pursue for the day. Ended up on yet another long rock hunt during which I took this photograph of a lone desert flower. Put in an online order for another set of wind turbine blades, a 12 VDC hot water coil, a charge controller, shunt, trimetric meter and 125 ft. of cable. That should enable half of my wind energy system to start working for me. Needed to do something physical instead of just pointing and clicking and spending - so finally put in 2 hours of labor at the end of the day leveling the spot where one of my 3000 gal. water tanks will sit by the creek. Re-adjusting the schedule now to keep busy out here till the trip next week.

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