Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Traffic

Was greeting this morning by 16 longhorns and my burro buddy grazing at the end of my driveway. Thankfully they all decided to stay out there. Just as I was making my morning deposit for my future compost, I heard a vehicle pull up to my house. Did some quick paperwork and found Chuck and Kathy as I came out from behind one of my shipping containers. They brought 30 more of my cinder blocks with them in a trailer! After unloading and stacking them, we sat in the morning shade and watched the cattle for awhile. I gave them a quick tour of my wind turbine area then they left through the back way to avoid disturbing the longhorns breakfast time. After about an hour, most of them decided to lay down - I guess to digest.

About an hour later the big black bull rousted them up and they headed east down my dirt road. I drove out soon after and threw them some snacks which they appreciated of course. Went over to my friend Ronalds to drop off some scrap wood he requested then headed over to Chucks for more of my cinder blocks. Brought that load home, stacked them then removed the forms from yesterdays rammed earth project. Was a bit worried about another rain shower so drove down to Study Butte for some cheap beer and cigs to restock my supply.

Got home at 4 pm and set the forms for the next section on the battery house. Pumped 55 gallons out of my big tank into a drum to use for the next batches of rammed earth and concrete mixes. Wasn't quite ready to start dinner yet so I took a drive down the road to look for the burro so I could toss him some carrots. Found him about a mile and a half down the road - tossed him a snack and threw out some more range feed for the longhorns. This is what amounts to a traffic jam out here. Thus ends a busy Sunday here in the Terlingua desert.

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