Tuesday, January 20, 2009

15 Minutes of Fame

Well that was painless! Started the day cleaning up as usual.....the chaos was surrounding me again....only took an hour to get it under control. Main thing on the list this morning was to repair and re-test the hot water heater coil. Today was the day for the camera crew from Texas Country Reporter to show up. The rest of the morning was all about getting things ready for their visit. Had plenty of time to not only get things in order...but also prepare a mix to do some solar oven baking for them....Field Lab Cornbread on the menu - going with what I know works well. Luckily the sun was only obscured by clouds for the early morning. It cleared up just as they arrived. The cornbread was baked throughout the course of the day and served to all at 4PM.

Had a great time with the crew during the taping of my segment. They were here for almost 6 hours. Finished off the endless question and answer period with a ride with Bob in the go kart. The host, Bob Phillips was super nice and he made it very easy to relate to him during the whole interview process. I have watched a bunch of their shows on YouTube and really enjoy their down home feel. I will post the link again http://www.youtube.com/user/texascountryreporter I'm really looking forward to seeing how they chunk it all together. Will be keeping an eye out for the first air date.

Now back to business....

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MsBelinda said...

Looking forward to seeing it on youtube.