Saturday, January 3, 2009

bad beard day

Woke up at 3 and 5AM to check out a meteor shower.....only saw about 10 - not much of a show. Got back to bed and slept in till 8:30. Ran over to Chucks to drop off two 3 liter bottles of Coke that I picked up for him in Alpine. Took a quick ride over to David and Susan's property to check out post holes that Chuck started on - lots of rock so we tried out his air chisel and it worked pretty well.

Returned home to organize my rock collections and sort through my chaos. Had it all sorted out by 2PM. Nice to see some order to the grounds again. To reward my effort - I drove all the newly graded roads to the south of me ( about 15 miles ) . I have never been out most of these roads. Came across two gates along fence lines that mark the border to the Longhorn Ranch. Must be a hole in the fence somewhere cause there are tracks and poop all over the place on my side of the fence. Some of these routes go through ridiculous terrain. Discovered another road that connects my side of the hill and yet another that gets me within a half mile of the swimming hole. Came across lots of old fence out there.

Had a bad beard day so I took a long hot shower just at sunset. Now the beard is all fluffy and snag free. Grilled a steak for dinner and had it with fresh boiled cauliflower. Nothing from a can tonight!! except beer...


Anonymous said...

What is your lat/longitude....and what is your closest airstrip.

MsBelinda said...

Loved the title " a bad beard day" lol!!!

I was wondering what you are going to do with your rock collection?

Sandra B said...

Happy New Year.
May it be filled with good beard days!