Thursday, January 8, 2009

Post from the Past

Missed the first fly by of the International Space Station but caught the second pass. My time lapse test didn't work well enough to present. Exposure was just a little to bright. DANG! Perhaps next time...

Got my welding cart from UPS today and cut some of my re bar in preparation for the tower construction. I'm "ready to go" to start full on tomorrow. Other than that....nothing of any consequence today other than some prep and lots of good intentions.
With that....I leave you with what I really got done last year on this day. - from my journal: "Installed and painted the interior door frame and same with my last interior window frame." (I still have some of that yellow paint on my sweatshirt.) Finished this day one year ago by building the form that I used to pour concrete for the 3 buttress bases of my front porch.


MsBelinda said...

Forgive my ignorance...but what tower construction? By that I mean what is the tower for?

Julianne said...

Oh my! Dunno if it's the late hour, or if I've been slow for a whole week, but I just "got" the pun. Very clever, John! I was reading this as a blog post from the past. Now I realize it was a blog post about a porch post from the past. Eureka!