Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Longhorn in the workzone...

Can't say that I started off the day with much gusto. Only thing on the schedule today was to dig the second foundation hole for the entrance towers. I HATE diggin' holes out here....it's either layers of sandstone or clay that's like concrete once you get a couple of inches down. 2 hours and almost a heart attack later - I was done. Best part of today's chore was having 3 longhorns hang out and watch me. There was a cow who I have named Mrs. H. in honor of my old high school girlfriend's mother and two bull calves both named HCH in honor of her father.

After I finished digging I decided to chill out with a drive through the wilderness. Found a few nice fossils and a bunch of old deceased longhorn bones. My neighbor Capt. Kirk says, when a longhorn dies out here - there ain't much left after about 2 weeks.

As I was washing my dinner dishes just before sunset - The H. longhorn family came back by so I dished out the standard fare here at the Longhorn Cafe. The cow came running which can be a bit unnerving. I have a feeling they will be back for breakfast.

Just caught tonight's fly over of the ISS - no good to shoot but fun to watch...perhaps a good photo op will happen over the next couple of nights.


MsBelinda said...

You have not mentioned Benita lately...what is she up to?

gstott said...

What kind of fossils are you finding?