Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1

Meandered through the morning by taking in the views from the Field Lab. Had a long lunch with Chuck'n'Kathy at the Grub Shack - chatting with Betty and Whitebear. Got back to the ranch at 2PM and packed up my Christmas decorations and cleared some of the chaos that seems to continually encroach on my humble desert existence.

Took a drive out the furthest road due west of me to try and figure out a shortcut to the swimming hole. Planning on a dune buggy route to get me as close as possible. Will have to wind my way through virgin territory for almost a mile. My initial survey of the area holds promise.

So day one is over and I'm already feeling pressed for time as there is a lot on the schedule for 2009. Worked on my TO DO list for the year and planned a shopping run to Alpine tomorrow to get me underway for the new year. Here is the big picture for '09 - and the view of the Field Lab on January 1. Hopefully next years Jan 1 picture will reflect the following:

1. New solar hot water heater
2. Indoor plumbing for kitchen sink
3. Ranch Gates
4. Greenhouse
5. Guest house
6. Wind turbine to supplement batteries at the living quarters
7. 2nd dam for rainwater catchment
8. Observatory building for my telescope
9. Solar concentrator with my old 12' satellite dish
10. Larger fire pit
11. Remote controlled desert explorer robot
12. Short wave radio
and amost forgot....a chicken coop and chickens.......


Shadowmoss said...

Regarding #6 - don't you already have 4 wind turbins? If they don't charge the house batteries, what do they charge? Seems like a lot of charging capacity to just sit there...

Here's to a good 2009!

John Wells said...

The fab four are for charging the battery bank that will power the greenhouse and guest quarters....I would like to add one in close proximity to the house for the house batteries that are just charged by solar for now.

MsBelinda said...

I have no doubt that you will accomplish all in your To Do list.

In regards to #11 is that a joke? or a test just to see if we read all twelve??

Happy New Year's!!!

Picinisco said...

Happy New Year John. Hopefully all your wishes come true when you want them to.

John in Gilbert, AZ

Anonymous said...

No fat wife for the cold nights?