Sunday, January 4, 2009

chance of rain

Wouldn't you know....just as I am expecting my building materials delivery on Tuesday - we have a 50% chance of rain tonight and tomorrow. A quarter inch of rain will ruin my road. Not a total loss though - sort of a win/win situation. If we get enough rain to crud my road, I can postpone the delivery till Thursday without a problem and I will be able to fill at least one of my 3000 gallon tanks. One of the important things I have learned about living out here is - be aware of and ready for the weather when it happens. I don't take any chances.

With our gloomy forecast in mind, I spent the day prepping for a downpour - just in case. Got everything buttoned up for some drizzle at the least. Did an early morning laundry and supply run to Study Butte. Had breakfast at the Motor Inn Cafe - just like old times. Last year, as I was building and before I got my phone and DSL line, I would have Sunday breakfast and free wifi ( to get caught up on my email ) at the cafe. Clouds started rolling in and the wind picked up just as my cloths finished drying on my solar dryer ( clothes line ). Wind has been howling all afternoon and evening (20-25mph) which is good because my battery bank by the turbines is due for a full recharge. Let it rain....


debbiedoesraw said...

Hey You!
See that you are busy battling the elements as usual.
Hope your 2009 is super and productive and you get some visitors.. I wish me and Denise could come by..

MsBelinda said...

Wow...I am still wondering how a quarter of an inch of rain can translate into filling a 3000 gallon tank, but that is why you are the expert here.

Thanks for answering a question I had as to how you were able to access the internet without electricity or a phone line when you first started building your house.

John Wells said...

One inch of rain falling on one square foot of surface area yeilds .65 gallons of water. There are MILLIONS of square feet of desert surface out here that funnel into some of the arroyos on my property.