Monday, January 5, 2009

Hardly a drop fell

Well....that was some rainstorm we got last night. I didn't hear a thing yet when I got up this morning, I noticed the ground had gotten a sprinkle - checked the rain gauge and found .005" of water in it. Our 50% chance of rain today turned into a 20% chance with a nice sky to greet my first look outside just at sunrise.

With no more rain in the immediate forecast I went out and dug the hole for the foundation of tower #1 of my ranch entrance. Sweater courtesy of my old pal, CMHC. Took almost two hours to dig the hole. Diggin' really helps warm you up when its chilly outside. My materials delivery should make it out here just fine tomorrow morning. Feels good to get the next project underway.

Spent the afternoon with Chuck'n'Kathy with a drive out to her 10 acres in Big Bend Valley. We toured the land while Chuck guarded the limo. Kathy has a nice chunk of desert out there. I spotted this blond squaw rock hunting nearby.


Anonymous said...

Kathy ought to kick yer ass, Chief Scruffy Beard!

MsBelinda said...

With all that rock I am suprised it only took you two hours to dig the hole.

Is Kathy wearing snake chaps? Just when I was looking to buy in the Big Bend Valley!!!