Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Got a great 9 1/2 hours of sleep last night! Woke up to just a few clouds and no wind this morning. Weather.com warned of high winds today and they started up right on cue at about 9 AM - full blown by 11:30. My McCoys delivery arrived right around 11. The support truck and 18 wheeler made it out my road without a problem. Now I have 180 more cider blocks, 20 bags of concrete and eighteen 20' lengths of re bar to play with. The welder is due to arrive tomorrow - then back in business.

Super gusty all day today. Too difficult to work outside so took a couple of drives to kill some time. According to my instruments: average wind speed today from 9 AM to 7PM was 16.7 mph, and the max recorded gust was 39.3 mph. My turbines screamed all day - batteries are charged full and the diversion load heated 8 gallons of water. The wind finally died down at 5:30PM. Nice calm evening.

Since I was thwarted in my desire to work outside, I decided today would be a good day to do a test ( for Chris Callis ) of the time lapse feature of my digital camera. I shot this piece from 5:04PM to 6:45PM - uploaded to YouTube tonight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz68hPZvMIU This test was shot with exposure locked on. Video was shot at 1 frame every 2 seconds. I shot this from just inside my front door looking north. Way too windy to set the camera up outside. Next test to be done with the exposure not locked.


Ara & Spirit said...

Very cool video John, wish I could do that with mine!!!
Hey, did your truck delivered? We were in Alpine today, wind clocked at 55mph at the airport... but I saw the truck returning fully loaded? What's up with that?
We should be out of here headed to Death Valley on saturday... if all my stuff arrives on time...
Be well... don't forget to tip Betty!!! You can afford it... I cannot!!!
Ara & Spirit

Julianne said...

Do you really buy concrete instead of buying portland cement and mixing your own with local sand and gravel? I spoke with the folks at the college today who gave me permission to collect the shredded paper. Hopefully my next trip down in a couple of weeks I'll have a truckload of stuff to go into papercrete floors for the big house.