Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Transition day

Really had to shift gears this morning after all the excitement yesterday. Did one last test on the hot water coil and it is ready to go. Looked like it was going to be a long sunny day so I popped some chicken breast cutlets into the solar oven in a covered clear glass Pyrex cooker. Made a quick trip down to Study Butte to pick up a few items....we have a small chance of rain over the next 36 hours so now I'm absolutely ready. Happily got stuck at H2O to Go chatting with Carolyn. I could shoot the sh*t with her for hours.

Back home in the afternoon with just enough time to start flushing out the old hot water tank that I got from Carolyn months ago. This will be the batch tank for my SHWH. I used extra water I pumped out of my 550 gallon catchement tank after it started to overflow during our second to last rain event in September - into one of my spare 1550 gallon tanks. From October of last year until tonight we have had barely a 1/4" of rain. Expect to finish cleaning it out in the morning so I can get started on plumbing and boxing it in on top of my shower stall. I like to challenge myself on shower projects. I vow not to shower until I can use the system I am installing. I'm good for at least 3 more days and that should be plenty of time...although if it takes a lot longer, I might not be invited again to dinner at Chk&Kthy's until I do shower. Speaking of dinner - I had half of the chicken I cooked in the solar oven earlier today for dinner - it was excellent! It cooked in it's own juices for 2 1/2 hours at around 275 degrees.


Anonymous said...

Solar Baked Chicken....maybe a more appetizing name would be "Poulet avec Solet" (sp).Pollo con Adobo"
oh well........

MsBelinda said...

Looks tasty.