Saturday, January 24, 2009

La Isla Del Albolado

Not a very sexy day here at the Field Lab - no major 3 dimensional reality came to life...but the groundwork has been laid. Had to do quite a bit of staring at the tank outlets, trying to pre visualize the layout. Tricky part is the pull chain on/off valve that will be inside the insulated box. Think I got it figured out. One more trip to the hardware store and now I have 93% of the parts I need. By now it was afternoon so I pursued more sides for the insulated enclosure. Built the two ends and the north side of the box. The west end side is where all the plumbing magic is going to occur.....tomorrow?

Since no photo of the day from here, I present my pre-Field Lab. These are some montages of my first off the grid experiment on my former property back in upstate NY...I spent 2 incredible summers out there. I sure do miss all that green and the jungle effect that the area had in the summertime. My camp was called "La Isla Del Albolado" - Woodland Island. It even had its own mini lawn that I had to mow once a week.


Dan L said...

Probably can't run down to IKEA to furnish your new place ;)

Barney (The Old Fat Man) said...

I will take raking sand over chopping vegetation myself. I hope to look you up in Feb.

Anonymous said...

Very swank.

MsBelinda said...

You had a nice set up. I like when you post pictures from the past so us readers can kind of get to know you a little better and what led you to your current experiment in the desert.

Nat said...

Your blog is a great escape for me to read every day. It takes me back to a wonderful high school field trip I took to West Texas.

We rafted on the Rio Grande from Lajitas to La Linda through Big Bend National Park, visited Alpine, Study Butte, and the McDonald Observatory, and I got to be the first one to view Halley's Comet through a large telescope on my 15th birthday (23 years ago--yikes).

Your careful planning and tidy craftsmanship is a joy to follow from afar. Your experience as an artist shows through in everything you make and do for us to follow online. Keep up the great work!

No pressure ;-)


Anonymous said...

I miss Upstate NY's greenery sometimes too..... but I get over it. Love your blogs.
Linda in Leander TX

Massachusetts Solar Installations said...

What type of material did you use to make the bench opposite of you grill?

Rev. Niradhara Marie said...

a friend turned me on to your blog since i am living off grid in a 1957 overlander airstream. i dub my land the "7.77" - how much acreage i have here. i am inspired by you to post some of my camp life on my own blog which needs serious update. for now i do have some you can view at FB go to the 7.77 photos. i am sure i can learn alot by your hard work and meticulous documenting of it.

Rev Nira

Rev. Niradhara Marie said...

hey fielf lab guy - i have a NYer question - i have a leak in the airstream water tank. any recommendeations in upstate NY for a good repair person would be so appreciated. im near SUNY Delhi peace, n