Saturday, January 10, 2009

September Spider

Welded up the frame for tower 2 today - also installed one set of cross bracing. All went according to plan. I have my friend Julianne to thank for letting me try out her wire feed welder months ago - it changed my life (well...sort of). Breezy cloudy day today...a high of only 62. Lots of sun and back into the 70's tomorrow. Meanwhile, my old town back in upstate NY is getting hammered with snow tonight.

Photo of the day from September 1, 2008 - one of my spider buddies. He/she had its web at the southwest corner of my house. I must say it's rather nice not to have lots of creepy crawly things around now that its "winter".

Tonight's full moon will be the brightest of 2009 - so go take a look...

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Sean said...

Eugh, the one good thing about where I live is we have no dangerous (or at least scary-looking) spiders! Any idea what kind of spider it is?